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A series of revolvers Colt Python was developed in the mid 1950's. As sporting target weapon, under a powerful .357 Magnum cartridge. On the arms market Colt Python did in 1955. Hence the high precision and excellent production quality, characteristic mainly for sporting weapons, which in those days it was common for weapons of mass leading U.S. producer of revolvers. Serial production model of Python by Colt's Manufacturing Company was terminated in October 1999, after which production was carried out only by masters Colt Custom Gun Shop on individual orders in the variant under the designation Colt Python Elite. Python Elite revolver model differs in the increased quality of manufacturing and surface treatment, had a barrel length of 102 mm and 152 mm, chrome or polished case and cheeks from the grip of precious woods. Finally issue revolvers Colt Python was discontinued in 2005. 357 colt python magnum

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357 Colt Python

The firm started selling a Colt revolver series of Python (Python) in 1955. Originally, these guns were fired in the version with a barrel length of 6 inches, were later released with a modified barrel length of 2.5 inches (concealed carry) up to 8 inches (for hunting and target shooting). Revolvers release of 1955 to about mid-1960s are especially appreciated until now, as were of high quality performance and excellent accuracy. Currently, mass production Pythons discontinued, they produced only MMA workshops Colt Custom Shop to individual orders, in a variant Python Elite with improved surface finish.

Python is a six-shot revolver with a trigger double action. Drum for recharging leans to the left latch drum located at the rear of the frame. Sights include a fly with a bright plastic insert, and rear sight with a removable plate (different versions of the slots). Rear sight adjustable screws in two planes. The revolver has an automatic safety device, not allowing the trigger to get a drummer, if the trigger is fully squeezed. A distinctive feature of the appearance of the Pythons - the so-called ventilated strap over the trunk, as well as the oblong casing of the extractor rod, which extends under the barrel up to the muzzle. Cheeks wooden handles, trim - burnishing and polishing for standard models, chrome handles, and cheeks of valuable wood for models of "Elite".

All series of Python revolvers are a reliable, high-quality and accurate hitting weapon suitable for self-service use and hunting (in the version with trunks 6 and 8 inches). Additionally, revolvers earlier releases (up to mid-1960s, different serial numbers with no letters in the beginning or end of numbers) are the objects of collectibles.
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